Mahogany Wood Furniture

Charles Barr Traditional Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany has long been one of the favourite timbers used by English cabinet makers and it is not a coincidence that here at Charles Barr mahogany is the main timber used in five of our eight collections of furniture, Grandeur , Regal, Traditional , Corinthian and our Modular wall system collections are all constructed from selected mahogany timbers.

History of Mahogany Furniture

Most popular in the late 17th and 18th centuries known to many as the golden age of English Furniture much of the mahogany used was sauced from South American countries and the timber attained at this time were ideal for the intricate carving and hand work of the period.

Today because of conservation issues and over farming in many south American countries the softer mahogany species used for hundreds of years by English cabinet makers are no longer readily available and supply sources have moved to African countries.

Our policy when purchasing any tropical timber is to purchase from recognised managed sources where there is controlled logging and good forestry management that helps to insure that replanting programs are in place for future generations to come.

High Quality African Mahogany Timbers

To our African sourced veneers and solid timbers we add contrasting decorative timbers such as burr olive ash, rosewood, tulip wood or macassar ebony these timbers are used in veneer form as bandings or inlays to provide a distinctive look to our furniture that only a Charles Barr piece of mahogany has.

Unlike most of our competitors both here in the UK and overseas Charles Barr prides itself on offering both solid or veneer options on all of the dining table, sideboard, and occasional tables available in our traditional collection, these options are also available as optional extras in Grandeur, Regal and Corinthian ranges.

Charles Barr Mahogany Finishes

When constructing solid mahogany tops for any of pour models care is always used in selecting the timbers for the top construction , making sure that they are all of a similar colour and grain and most importantly they should always be from the same log or tree to ensure that any natural movement that occurs in the timber through out its life time will be even and thus avoid faults forming common to many overseas imports such as crack, splits, or bow shaping.

The finishes we apply to our four mahogany collections are essentially produced from the same cellulose materials which offer the best use of modern technology mixed with traditional hand polishing skills, our cellulose lacquers provide a degree of protection against heat and water and spirit spillages whilst the lacquer itself can be worked by hand to provide a finish that is comparable with a traditional French polish finish that is easily damaged by the above elements.