Walnut Wood Furniture

Traditional Walnut FurnitureThe rich golden colour of walnut antique furniture from our English William and Maryand Queen Ann periods dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries would normally take centuries to achieve, however with our intricate bleaching process and some tender loving care we at Charles Barr have perfected our polishing process to be a little quicker than having to rely on time to achieve the desired result.

Before beginning an arduous polishing processall of our walnut pieces undergo a bleaching process to remove the natural colour of the timber from the wood, without this painstaking job the colour of all walnut pieces would be considerably darker and certainly not the nutty brown colour that this handsome timber is associated with.

Walnut crown timbers apart from their colour are very similar to mahogany, it will therefore come as no surprise that where possible mahogany timbers are used in many of our models that require solid parts for corner stiles, legs, feet and particularly in the construction of chairs, top surfaces are another matter, many so called manufactures will use substitute veneers to avoid the expensive purchasing and bleaching costs of burr walnut at Charles Barr we believe that there is no substitution for the real thing and all of our burr veneers on our walnut collection are the genuine article.Walnut Side Table

Purchased in small bundles our burr walnut veneers come from the root or base of English or European trees and because of the small sizes only available in burrs all will be quarter or book matched to form beautiful kaleidoscope style patterns to be used on all the surfaces and front fascia's of our walnut furniture.

Once made and then bleached to remove all timber colour from the piece our polishing process will begin with the furniture being delicately distressed before colour is put back into the timber with our own special walnut stain. Individual hand process then follow such as filling, further distressing, and shading applied between coats of cellulose lacquer before the final hand finishing processusing a French polishers rubber is carried outto give a genuine French polish effect before being hand waxed leaving an authentic looking aged golden nutty brown walnut finish that is mainly seen today in museums and antique furniture galleries.