Nine Furniture Collections made from Mahogany, Cherry Wood & Walnut

About the collections

Charles Barr has an extensive furniture collection which includes various traditional wood types including Mahogany, Cheery Wood & Walnut available in a range of furniture styles and collections to suit your home.

Choosing a particular traditional wood type is intended to indicate the principle solid or veneer used in its construction, and not an indication that the entire piece of furniture is made of that timber. Bandings, and finishes may use different timbers, and we reserve the right to use any suitable material. 

Our traditional furniture handles, keys and escutcheons are supplied in solid brass although some illustration images may use other materials these are purely for display purposes and your furniture will come with brass fittings.

If you require a completely bespoke piece of furniture Charles Barr can also help with the creation of unique traditional furniture. Our bespoke furniture service can be created from original concept drawings and delivered to a high standard. 


Corinthian Main Image


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trafalgar main Image

Trafalgar Bedroom

trafalgar bedroom main Image


Vermont main Image


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Modular Wall System main Image