Reproduction Mahogany Furniture

Reproduction Mahogany Furniture Collection

For centuries mahogany has long been one of the favourite timbers of British cabinet makers and as can be seen from our mahogany collection of furniture below at Charles Barr we agree with some of the great designers of mahogany furniture such as Chippendale, Adam and Sheraton by continuing to design and make furniture in this delightful timber.

Modern times have seen changes in the origins of mahogany timbers, forty to thirty years ago Cuban mahogany was widely used by cabinet makers seeking quality timbers that were ideal for carving and working by hand but as timbers from this area of the world became harder to obtain supply was switched to south American countries, today most of the mahogany timbers we use are of African origin, these timbers which are obtained from regulated managed sources offer all the characteristic graining and colour required of mahogany but are harder than there Cuban and south American counterparts so are a little harder to work with.

Our reproduction Mahogany collection of furniture consists of four sub collections of furniture.

Many of the pieces in these four collections will intermix and sit happily together, inlays can be changed as can colour and finish or if you require a complete matched look then models can be picked from the same  collection to ensure the design and timber of each piece will match, and if by chance the piece required is not available in the collection of your choice don't forget we offer a bespoke custom service to meet your every requirement. Our Trafalgar bedroom furniture collection is also available in mahogany timbers.

Our mahogany furniture collections make up a large poart of the overall Charles Barr furniture range but if you have a particlar piece of repro furniture in mind do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options.

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