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The Modular Wall Collection, Our Grandeur Modular Wall System

Charles Barr Grandue Mahogany Modular Wall Collection
Charles Barr Grandue Mahogany Modular Wall Collection
Charles Barr Grandue Mahogany Modular Wall Collection
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Modular Wall Slider
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The modular collection by Charles Barr can be the solution for your Lounge, dining room, study or home office. This unique range of traditional furniture can be the ideal solution for any wall which you are looking to create a storage space out of.

The modular furniture collection is designed to be in keeping with the rest of the traditional mahogany range supplied by Charles Barr. This unique furniture range uses single carcase cabinets which can then be formed into a run of units to fill space within your home. This mahogany furniture range can even be bespoke made to incorporate space for TV and HIFI systems. This unique furniture range can even be reproduced to ensure each furniture cabinet is free standing to allow complete flexibility on its location within your home.

Every modular cabinet which Charles Barr sell are fitted with base levelling screws to allow your units to be fully adjustable to ensure they can sit on any floor no matter how un-even it might be.  The traditional modular furniture range has around 4 basic pieces which can be used within your home these include double width, single width a small corner unit and a plasma bookcase. All of these units combined will ensure you can make the best possible use of your home and space.

This stunning mahogany furniture range can also include a dummy antique book panel which can slide over to cover your TV other ornaments when they are not needed on display. Not only do these units come in a high quality finish they can also be equipped with dimmer lights and glass shelving to ensure you can create that perfect traditional look.

When placing an order for a modular wall system care should be taken to clearly specify the final layout required this is best achieved by supplying us with a simple plan of the layout you require when you place your order, or if preferred just let us know the sizes of your wall and what you would like to incorporate in the unit and we will be happy to design the unit for you.

Before production is commenced on any modular order our design office will provide you with a detailed specification and a colour perspective drawing of the piece for your approval. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for a bespoke Modular Wall collection.


The Basic Units that make up the modular wall collection of cabinets

Charles Barr Grandeur Mahogany Modular Wall Collection   Traditional Mahogany Single Unit Open Bookcase   Mahogany Bookcase with Bottom Drawers - Modular   Mahogany Corner Stile - Part of the Grandeur Modular Range
Double Unit   Single Unit   Plasma Bookcase Unit   Corner Stile


Pricing & Delivery

The prices quoted on our modular cabinets within this section of our web site are conditional on purchasing modular pieces directly from us, our prices include VAT and have been greatly reduced these prices are not available via our retail outlets. 

Delivery of our Modular wall system orders.

All of our modular units are constructed as one piece carcases and will be delivered to you as individual pieces with assembly instructions together with a floor plan showing the location of each unit within the modular run.

Depending on your location and accessibility the prices on our wall systems may be subject to a delivery charge.The prices listed on our modular cabinets do not allow for labour being supplied to assemble on site, although if required we will be happy to quote for this service.

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