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Corner Stiles- Part of the Grandeur Modular Range

Our extensive range of Grandeur modular wall units and cabinets can be ordered individually as free standing wall units, or they can be made to form modular runs of wall units and cabinets which can incorporate office storage systems or lit display areas for lounge or dining room use.

All of our modular wall cabinets are supplied with base levelling screws to allow for adjustment to cater for uneven floors. Special unobtrusive interior fixing bolts will lock each modular wall cabinet to its neighbour.

The Corner stiles offer a neat and tidy finish and aleviate and issues brought about by building the modular wall units around corners. We are able to offer the corner stiles to suit the needs of the customer and the layout of the room. By offering a tidy solution we are able to fit our modular furniture systems around all shapes and sizes.

To place your order for a modular wall cabinet we need to know the layout of the room ,the configuration of the furniture and we need to be able to clearly specify the final layout required; the easiest way to ahieve this is by supplying a simple plan of the modular wall unit's layout that you require with your order. We can do the rest.

Corner Stiles Specification

Corner Stiles
215cm / 85"
Corner Stiles


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