Charles Barr Grandeur Mahogany Modular Wall Collection

Plasma TV Unit - Part of the Grandeur Modular Range

Our extensive range of Grandeur modular wall units and cabinets can be ordered individually as free standing wall units, or they can be made to form modular runs of wall units and cabinets which can incorporate office storage systems or lit display areas for lounge or dining room use.

This is an unusual mahogany TV cabinet as it allows for concealment of the plasma tv behind a dummy set of books. Two rows of dummy book spines, each mounted on separate panels and are controlled by a simple wire pulley system so hiding away the tv counldn't be easier and when opening, the books part in half so the top row are hidden in the top whiles to bottom half slide underneath.

There is also room for satellite tv equipment which can be accessed behind the two false drawers at the bottom of the cabinet , the remaining drawers also provide an area to allow the bottom set of dummy books to move into when the cabinet slides are in the open position.

When placing an order for a modular wall cabinet, whether a single or double carcass unit or modular wall unit system, care should be taken to clearly specify the final layout required; this is best achieved by supplying a simple plan of the modular wall unit's layout with your order.

Plasma TV Mondular Unit
215cm / 85"
135cm / 53"
50cm / 20"
Fits Plasma TV :
81cm x 114cm x 32cm
Normally £4855     Direct £3399
Modular Plasma TV Unit - Left Modular Plasma TV Unit - Middle
Modular Plasma TV Unit - Right
Plan Left Hand Facing
Return (End Unit)
No Return
(Centre Unit)

Right Hand Facing
Return (End Unit)


Charles Barr Grandeur Mahogany Modular Wall CollectionPart of the Grandeur Mahogany Furniture CollectionPart of the Grandeur Mahogany Furniture Collection

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