Mahogany Plasma TV Bookcase

  • Grandeur
Decorated with inlaid burr olive ash timbers
Mahogany Solids and Veneers
M4 Mahogany
205cm (81in)
136cm (54in)
43cm (17in)

Mahogany Plasma TV Bookcase Overview

Probably the most unusal piece with the Charles Barr collection is this mahogany TV cabinet. If you want to conceal your flat screen TV this model from our Grandeur collection will do the job. With two rows of dummy book spines that are each mounted on separate panels and controlled by a simple wire pulley system you are able to conceal the tv when you dont want to see it..

Simply lift the dummy centre shelf supporting the top row of books and the top row of books will move upwards to the top of the cabinet while the row of books below will move down into the bottom half of the cabinet revealing your TV. There are two spaces for any accompanying satellite equipment or DVD players that are connected to the tv and these are simpley accessed from behind the two false drawers at the bottom of the cabinet, the remaining drawers are also false which provides an area for the bottom set of dummy books to sit you sdecide that you want to watch the TV.

This cabinet will accomodate television sets up to & within the following dimensions:

  • Height 81cm, Width 136cm, Depth 32cm
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