Mahogany Three Door Sideboard

  • Grandeur
Decorated with inlaid burr olive ash timbers
Mahogany Solids and Veneers
M4 Mahogany
85cm (34in)
158cm (62in)
43cm (17in)

Mahogany Three Door Sideboard Overview

This medium sized mahogany sideboard offers plenty of space for storage with its three top drawers and corresponding bottom cupboards, like all Grandeur pieces the top of this attractive sideboard has been inlaid with burr olive ash bandings to match the door fascias and angled corner stiles

Our Grandeur three door sideboard has three separate storage compartments, all include one adjustable shelf & the 3 spacious drawers aensure everything you need to set your dining table can be stored within reach. Made from the finest quality mahogany solids and blind curl veneers this medium sized sideboard suits any traditional styled dining room perfectly with its rich burr olive ash bandings inlaid into its top, corner stiles and cupboard doors.

This sideboard is in the middle of the range with a smaller 2 door and larger 4 door sideboard also available.

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